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Started recording at home in December 2011. This is Pedal Home's first full band release. More to come soon.


released February 1, 2012

Jackson Bihler- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mixing
Theo Brown- Keyboard, Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Andrew Cecka- Drums
André Bouchard - Violin
Kati Bouchard- Viola



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Pedal Home Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Moment of Truth
Did you miss it too, your moment of truth
A chance at the prize and you just closed your eyes
Now you look back to see
A myriad of possibilities

Don't say you failed, treasures are veiled
You can't catch the wind
If you're not flying your sail
So let's lift our chins and be proud
We're not perfect but that is still aloud

You feel old
You want calm
You stay still
With chaos churning
You are cold
Bare as palm
Take your pills
To keep from turning
But I see
Eyes of light
Bits of hope
That keep on burning
Smoke it free
All the fright
Let out rope
So you keep learning
Track Name: Lazy Bones
Extracted all those lazy bones
Put to sea the feet in stone
I dismissed what hasn't grown
And no longer will change be postponed

Crawled in the barrel
You covered your ears
A canon shot you
Don't want to hear
You close your eyes
You never liked the surprise
So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

There you go, There you go
There you go again now

Past the pull of gravity
No more laws no familiarities
So if you see my heart in the trees
I left it to sway in the breeze

You can pick it but I'll warn
The light of love still grows its thorns
It'll make you bleed, it'll make you mourn
And no longer will I adorn
This heart that's made of thorns

There you go, There you go...
Track Name: Eleven Thousand Nights
What do you see in the clouds?
Can a nimbus morph before your eyes
Become a legend

Can the pedals prove a crush
When the last pulled pose
He loves me not
"Wait, he loves me!"

Feel like you are young
It's just begun
Take what you need to start again
You are an animal, not just a fool
I can relate, my appetite
Ain't quite right
After eleven thousand nights

With your shovel in the sand
Can you dig your way to the other side
Reach a foreign land

Will the paper oracle
Tell you who, what, when, where and why
And counsel wisely
Track Name: Figure Eight
A coyote howl ricochets off the city walls
But no one hears it calls
It dies inside the cold concrete halls
'cause the buildings are a little too tall

On the wings of a bird
Inside of a silver cage
She sings to herself
"One day they'll unlatch this door
and on the gust of wind we will soar."

We pretend we'll ascend
And realize our dreams
We're the chosen ones
Beneath a sun that gives us its beams
But haven't you seen
Lights in everything
It shines from you
But it shines from them too
So start closing the gap in between

It won't end with a bang
It'll slowly disintegrate
Back to where we once came
While the insects devour our brains
It's all part of the great figure eight
Track Name: Long Way Home
It's been forever since
I took the long way home
Seeking out some friends
So I won't be alone
They're searching for change I can't provide

So I catch a drink solo
I try and write a song
But all my words they are forced
And the meaning it's all wrong
The bars so fucking loud
Beneath the music and the crowd
I am drowned

I start to think of all the time I let you down
How I pushed away the very thing I seek now
It doesn't make me proud
No, it doesn't make me proud at all

Watching shooting stars lying on your car
We were there in the night for the falling lights
But all I recall is the whites of your eyes
No big surprise, the whole thing was a disguise
A departure from our lives

Drunk as we roamed, trying to PEDAL HOME
It's so nice to be alone with you in the country side
But I tried to test fate with a fake suicide
You thought the train and I were going to collide
I don't know what I was thinking
Can I blame it on my drinking
Track Name: Disco Policy
I think that it's good policy
To keep it as friends
I have so many enemies
You'd break the dam

I'm only part of the future me
A stage of plateau
If only you had some magic beans
You could help me grow

But am I just echoing
Thoughts of men who have been deep in sin
And seek it out
Again and again and again

My ego's fragile as porcelain
And your hate spreads the cracks
Tell me what it is you can do for me
Instead of what I lack

Searching for pleasure in prophecy
You're grasping at straws
You think that you are the effect
and I am the cause